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Take the guesswork out of identifying the proper positioning, strategy and launch structure for an emerging company, market development, or new products. 


DMG specializes in assisting emerging and midsized tech and clean tech companies evaluate, plan and implement the right strategy to meet both short and long term communication goals. We offer uniquely qualified counsel via senior counselors and affiliates, and help our clients navigate the ever changing communications environment, from strategy, positioning, messaging and planning, to the targeting of markets with clarity and focus.


Our expertise spans all aspects of the communications landscape, from traditional to new media and you have access to the latest services and important developments in the fields of public relations and marketing communications. Our experience and commitment to excellence have earned us a reputation for being solid business partners and some of the best communicators in the business. And, our proven methodology brings together the right resources and ROI critical for your success.

Sounds easy, many claim to do this, however, we really do.  We are proud of our continued success in satisfying one client after the other.  Do not simply take our word for it, be sure to request one of our client case studies and see our results directly.

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